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Just wanted to let all you guys know I will be adding awesome content here in the near future.  Sometimes while running for office we get completely side tracked.  Well that is where I am now.  So stay tuned in the near future for some awesome new developments.

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Alternative “Watson” Options

The first option, and more realistic for the next Watson to target congress is Mike “SirWatts” Watson is a Canadian (yes thats right Canadian) poker player who is 5th all time on the Canada All Time Money List.  His most notable score was in July of 2008 when he won the Bellagio Cup for $1.6 Million.  Mike is an avid sports fan and self proclaimed math nerd.  I think that if he put his brain to economics he might come up with some strong options for progress in this country.  He would need to become a permanent citizen first, of course.  This makes him a long shot but what a great guy and he would make a nice anti-establishment politician. Heres to hoping this extremely insane consideration comes to fruition one day.


The other option, and here me out here, is IBM’s Watson. Why would we want cognitive computer system in congress?  Well IBM’s Watson is a genius for starters.  In 2011 he beat actual congressmen

“Congratulations to members of Congress: Rush Holt, Jared Polis, Jim Himes, Nan Hayworth, and Dr. Bill Cassidy on a great Jeopardy exhibition match in Washington DC. Rep Holt was in the lead after Round 1!

Result: Watson $40,300 / Congressional Members $30,000.

Message: Technology’s positive impact on society, US global competitiveness and science education.”


I get it’s over-hyped and ‘cognitive’ doesn’t really mean anything. But Watson is the only half solid open question-answer platform I know of. It seems to me that’s got to be useful. I don’t understand why it hasn’t caught on for medical diagnostics which (to me) seems like a very similar problem.

We simply don’t know what IBM offers to businesses, and the public offerings that are available to general population really aren’t the main focus.  However if they did focus on Watson to be a cognitive answer machine in REAL TIME for congress, imagine the instant fact checking that could occur.  Imagine being able to check rules, law, stats, and claims in real time congressional meetings and hearings. While selling Watson to business’ is probably the higher priority than selling to general population, which might lead to sometimes the “shitty” or the lack of good API.


I actually think this makes sense. Watson that competed in jeopardy was a very highly specialized QA machine composed of five or more different layers of “services”. It wasn’t just one algorithm that did everything. In other words, if you truly tap the capability of Watson QA, you need to build the block yourself.  Imagine an American History, Law, and data based cognitive machine going to work for not just the american people but for truth!  Sign me up!

The history of Watson’s in congress

Tom Watson made a run for congress in California and had this to say to his supporters.

I would like to thank my opponents for running their campaigns with a level of integrity and professionalism seldom seen in the political world. I would also like to thank my lovely wife for all of her hard work and dedication. To my supporters – you are the best! The long days and nights of campaigning paid-off and it was due to your help that we won on Tuesday. Finally, I would like to thank the voters. I am humbled at the opportunity to represent them in the 2010 General Election.

The journey has been trying, but the real work is just beginning. This is the first election cycle in a decade that we actually have a shot at defeating Lois Capps in November. It is going to take a massive and sustained effort for us to realize victory in November. The interest that this race is receiving, in this, one of the worst gerrymandered districts in the U.S., is amazing. This interest reflects the mood across our great nation and shows that the people are ready for leaders who will actually represent their values in Congress – American Values.

The United States has been lead away from those values into a fiscal and economic rut. Spending is out of control, reckless and irresponsible. This immoral burden on future generations, if not corrected, will cripple this Nation’s economy. We are purchasing things we don’t NEED with borrowed money, and it needs to stop. If we cannot afford something, we should not purchase it.

I have never been as concerned about our nation as I am now. The Constitution needs defending now, more than ever, and with your support I will do just that. If we hold true to the contract that is the Constitution and the values this nation was built on we will realize that our best days are in front of us, not behind. We can fix what is wrong with our country without destroying what is right.

In order to win in November we will have to craft a broad coalition of Independents, Democrats and Republicans. We need to communicate that our campaign is about policy, NOT party. It’s about common sense and whether or not we will bankrupt our children.

Thank you for your support during the Primary. It is going to take a lot of hard work, but I am looking forward to it. Now, let’s roll-up our sleeves and push through to November!


Tom Watson


Unfortunately for Tom, he lost the general election and decided not to continue his campaign in any other year.  While there have been a few unrelated Watson’s in congress, two of which named Michael, this site about a new movement for this country and in my opinion the campaign that needs to happen! Mike Watson, the poker player!

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